<span class='p-name'>Digitally Literate 002 – Reflection</span>

Digitally Literate 002 – Reflection

We successfully wrapped up our second episode of the Digitally Literate show. In this second episode we focused on trying to identify exactly what is involved as we move to being “open.” I was initially motivated by a quote from Doug Belshaw in which he stated that “open is an attitude.” In this second episode I tried to lay the groundwork for starting to define “open” and think about how this affects teaching, learning, socializing, and communicating. After a robust hour of discussion, I think we all came to the same idea that we need more time to think and talk about these issues.

In future episodes of Digitally Literate, I plan on focusing on various offshoots of the “open” conundrum. These include dialogue about open publishing, open access, open source…and the trials and tribulations of working open and online. The next episode of Digitally Literate will be held in January. We’re up against the holiday season in trying to hold an episode in December.

The video for this episode is available below. The TitanPad for this discussion is available here.


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