<span class='p-name'>Luck, Preparation, and Opportunity</span>

Luck, Preparation, and Opportunity

Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.


In thinking through the events that bring me to this today, we often look back at points in life and identify an unforeseen element known as luck that brings us opportunities.

The challenge is that we sometimes cannot factor in “luck” to identify when or how it’ll appear.

One statement that I cannot stand is “it is what it is.” Although…I frequently find myself wanting to say it more in the day’s events. I think this statement connects with a willingness to identify “luck” in the world…and have a belief that things just happen to us…as opposed to making decisions to put ourselves in line to make it happen.

We’re better off defining luck, preparation, and opportunity to get to the outcomes we’re looking for.

Luck has an abstract meaning which does not have any objective existence in nature. Luck is something that is not tangible and measurable although we can identify luck when we see it. When we talk about these tangible and objectives phenomena, we can see them, touch them and measure them.

Preparation means to be or to get ready for performing an activity or doing an action. In other words, we can say when we are prepared for doing something it means that we are ready to accept the advantages and risks of this job. All work has risk, responsibility, problems, and privilege. A wise person thinks about all of these, not only the benefits. Preparation means weighing out all of the consequences of what we’re doing while admitting defeat and mistakes.

Opportunity is a set of circumstances that are appropriate or favorable for the attainment of a goal. Opportunity is somewhat related to luck, but opportunity is an independent phenomenon and luck is a dependent phenomenon. This is because opportunity defines and creates luck. Opportunity is a matter of preparation for meeting luck. Luck does not have any meaning without opportunity. Opportunity paves the way for success and luck.

The quote by Seneca is nice because it offers a middle ground. There is a need/opportunity to prepare yourself for what life may bring. In this preparation, you make decisions and live each day.

Within the day’s events, we come across the opportunity and what we view as “luck” may in fact just be a mixture of preparation and opportunity connecting at the right place and time.

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