<span class='p-name'>Fit Versus Fit</span>

As we enter the marketplace or build up a digital identity that is representative of our skills, we upload our resume/CV. We can use badges/credentials to signify growth/learning. We can use networks, like LinkedIn to express our values and have others review/vet them.

One of the challenges in this is that when we look for a job, there are usually two questions that many jobs will ask.

Are you the right fit and are you the right fit?

First, are you the right fit for the position? E.g., credentials, degree, background knowledge, experience, etc. In higher ed…most of this is done before you get through the front door. They’ve gone through your materials, and cut through the people that just don’t fit.

Second…usually when you meet face-to-face, are you the right fit? Would you fit in with the culture? Are you a jerk? Also, would you want to fit in with them?

I’m wondering what badges would do in that infrastructure.

As we move to a distributed economy in which people/colleagues/associates might rarely/never meet F2F, how do we make these judgements?

There are the skills, degrees, and credentials…but how do you assess those soft skills? Yes, we trust the filters…but how do you evaluate/justify if someone is a jerk or not? How do you evaluate that second fit?

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