<span class='p-name'>Muintir – An Autobiographical Poem for Week Seven of #WALKMYWORLD</span>

Muintir – An Autobiographical Poem for Week Seven of #WALKMYWORLD

This post is my submission for week seven, learning event seven of the #WALKMYWORLD project. For this week I continue to look back into my identity and document my “world.”

This week we were to consider “landscape” and how our landscape helps make us who were are. This week we were also to consider the poem Happiness by Robert Hass.

To document an emotion, or thought from my own life I constructed a found poem using Spring View by Du Fu. There was something about the imagery in the poem, and connections to themes I saw in Hass and Happiness that I wanted to try and capture.

I wrote the following poem about something that is very important to me. You can review and annotate the poem Muintir here.

2011-06-12 13.45.25-MOTION

Muintir. Family, extension of you, those near you.

Technology extends this connection, if only virtually.

Life damaged rivers cry, ripping deep ravines in the brief existences of the heart.

Through the battered, parting, sterile connections of the terrain; friends and family near you make it worthwhile.

Muintir. Family, extension of you, those near you.

Death initially brought this connection. Perhaps we call it destiny.

Futile it is to think of what could have been.“It is what it is.”

Shut up. It becomes it is meant to be. It is what we make it, with those near us.

Death. Decomposition brought us together.

Life, extends it another day.

Family letters worth metal become thin. It is not just blood that binds us.


Image CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 soilse

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