<span class='p-name'>Happiness by Hass Collaborative Music Playlist</span>

Happiness by Hass Collaborative Music Playlist

TL;DR Version: Let's have some fun with music and collaboratively develop a playlist of music that resonates with the poem Happiness by Hass. You can keep the selections loosely related to Hass connections if that makes you happy.

As we read, respond, and share with others this week I wanted to offer an opportunity to collaborate with everyone. I’d like to develop a collaborative music playlist that conveys music that you think of when you read Happiness by Robert Hass.

To build this playlist I have an account with 8tracks that we can all add, edit, and revise a playlist collaboratively. The account is http://8tracks.com/collabolist

The username is CollaboList   The password is CollaboList

I started off a stub of the playlist, which is available here. Feel free to add songs, delete songs, remix, etc. To edit the playlist, you’ll need to sign in using the credentials above. You can add your own music from iTunes, Soundcloud, etc. After a week, I’ll publish the playlist. I’ll leave this account open forever. Feel free to use it as a collaborative account to use with friends, family, classes, etc. Please be sure to keep the tracks that you select safe for schools. We want to create playlists that teachers should be able to create, and remix with students.

To use 8tracks, please check out the following video.

If you have a Mac, it’s simple to upload music from iTunes. If not…just find your song on Soundcloud.

I’ve used 8tracks several times to create alternative forms of identity construction and representation through music playlists. I have been playing with 8tracks for several years now. You can view my mixes here. Most of these playlists are safe for schools, but I would still double-check. What I do is think of a color…and try to develop a playlist of 50 tracks that (for me) convey that color. Basically its a way to clear my mind and avoid real work🙂


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