<span class='p-name'>On Living Well</span>

We don’t beat the Reaper by living longer. We beat the Reaper by living well.

Randy Pausch

One of the books that I regularly revisit is the Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.

I know that certain books are needed at certain times in our lives. Perhaps there is a bit of serendipity that brought part of this book back in to my life this week.

One piece of wisdom that resonates with me is focused on changing our thinking about living for now as opposed to living for later.

This question about the why or what of life may also be determined by my YouTube feed. I’m spending a lot of time at my desk working online. I’m either watching people walk through the streets in the rain…

…or I’m watching Lofi beats…

…or I’m watching someone go hiking…

It seems like my life is frozen in a browser window looking at versions of living.

Living for later

I know that my retirement is a mess. I also know that retirement may/may not happen. I’m very aware of death, and aware that we cannot take anything for granted.

I have no problem with my day to day job. I don’t dread this. What I do want to do is start living my days better.

Saving up a lump sum so that I can one day “do what I want to do” seems foolish.

Living for now

As I identify/develop new opportunities my goals will be two fold.

One…I want to buy my Wife’s time. The kids are both young. I want to be able to have her there for them as they get off of the bus.

Two…I want to build in time for us to travel, and spend time together. Now is the time when we need to travel, enjoy each other’s company, and live.

I also need to focus on identifying one thing per day that will inspire joy. Back to journaling. 🙂

So…what about you? What does living well look like for you?

Photo by Martin Isaksson on Unsplash

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