<span class='p-name'>Our Experience With COVID-19 Tests</span>

Our Experience With COVID-19 Tests

In this post I’ll share some of my experiences with COVID testing as there seems to be a lost of misinformation out there about the experience.

I should indicate that I also had the Antibody test months ago. They drew blood and then sent it off for analysis. The results came back about two weeks later with a negative result. There is/was debate about the accuracy of these tests.

COVID test 1

My Wife was the first member of our family to have the COVID test.

She went back to work and one of her employees tested positive on the July 4th weekend. As a result, all of the employees in her pod needed to go for immediate testing. All members of the pod needed to quarantine for two weeks while they waited for results.

She described the test as high uncomfortable and invasive. The lab technician inserted the swab deep into one nostril. It was then left there while they waited for a overly dramatic “I will count to three…..one….two….”

We then waited for almost two weeks for the results to come back. Our family waited patiently as we didn’t know if we were now infected, or should go anywhere. Neighbors also waited and worried about the results.

Finally after multiple phone calls to the clinic, the results thankfully came back as negative.

One note…because we waited almost two weeks…we already exceeded the quarantine timeline. We also got to the point where the test results seemed ant-climactic as we didn’t see any symptoms.

COVID test 2

Last weekend I developed a head cold. I felt run down and a cough developed. I was also scheduled to go in for a check-up to my primary care doctor. The indication that I “had a cough” did not go over well.

They checked my temperature…which came back normal. They asked if I lost taste or smell…I did not. And, of course…I didn’t cough at all while in the office. They sent me out the next day “for a swab.”

Calling in to set up an appointment with the drive-up testing location was very interesting. I had a nurse call me after hours to set up the visit. When I called back, they were already closed. I called back the next day, and didn’t realize that when you dial in, and are presented with a “list of options” to select how to direct your call….my option was not listed in options. 🙂

I dialed my secret number and was immediately greeted with “Patient Date of Birth.” This was followed by “Name” and “Primary Care Name.” They then asked if I completed my tele-health screening. No, I’m the idiot that just went in for a check-up. Finally, they asked me to come later that day for my swab.

The whole process was fascinating. I followed the street signs to head to the back of a hospital complex. No one was outside, just tons of construction cones directing me to a path. I pulled up next to a sign that read “Meet Lab Technician Here.”

I stopped and waited in my car for about five minutes. Someone came out with a face shield and clipboard and asked for my name, date of birth. They then indicated that someone would be out soon.

A couple minutes later a different lab technician came out and pulled on surgical smock to cover up their arms, legs, and chest. She put on a facemask and shield. She came to the side of my car and handed me a small package. I was directed to remove my mask, rip open the package and withdraw the swab.

While sitting in the front seat of my car, with the radio playing, I was directed to insert the swab into both nostrils and “rub it around in there.” The technician indicated that I didn’t need to go deep, but get it all around both nostrils. “Boogers are better.”

I completed the task and inserted the swab into a vial. I chatted with the technician for a minute before thanking her for her service and asking her to stay safe.

The whole procedure lasted about 15 minutes. I headed back home.

When I returned home, I informed my neighbors about the fact that I went for a test, and was waiting for results. I answered questions about why I was tested. Lastly, I indicated that our family would quarantine for another 7 to 10 days.

I was also given the document below. The document was very interested as the common guidance was to wear a mask, social (physical) distance, and stay home. As I wait…mask, distance, stay home. If I’m negative…mask, distance, stay home. If I’m positive…mask, distance, stay home. Only if/when the symptoms get severe, only then should I head out to my doctor or the emergency room.

We waited a week and then I was greeted with a call first thing on Monday morning with the news that my tests came back negative.

COVID test 3

While I was waiting for the results to come back from my COVID test, my Wife learned that another one of her employees tested positive. Once again they were directed to immediately go get tested. Strangely this time her immediate supervisor also indicated that they didn’t need all of the members of her pod to quarantine for 7 to 10 days before returning to work.

My Wife went back to work and her results came back three days later. An email message from the pharmacy with the indication that her results were negative.


I share this info hoping that it is of some value to you and those around you.

The first time we waited for results, it was nerve-racking as you think about your mortality…and the health of those around you.

We continue to social distance, wear masks in public, and (for the most part) stay home. As I write this post, we just received word that a neighbor came into contact with the virus, and needs to go for testing and wait.

We all continue to wait.

We’re extremely thankful that we have the opportunity to have testing available to our family. We’re thankful for the health care workers that put themselves at risk to make these tests…and this information available.

We’re also thankful that our results came back negative. We have family and friends that have not been so lucky.

This post is Day 14 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. Want to get involved? Find out more at 100daystooffload.com.

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