<span class='p-name'>Reflections from Week Four of the #WALKMYWORLD Project</span>

Reflections from Week Four of the #WALKMYWORLD Project

We’re quickly drawing to the end of week four of the first iteration of the #WALKMYWORLD project. As we approach the halfway point of the ten weeks that we’ll share together, I’m fascinated with the amazing looks into all of your worlds.

I appreciate, and am thankful for these glimpses into your world. I absolutely love the serendipity that occurs as I stroll through the #WALKMYWORLD feed each day. I love the gems that Kate Booth share from her cherubs. I’m jealous of the picturesque scenery that Alison McCandlish shares. I can’t wait to see how Kevin Hodgson will push the boundaries of what we could/should do. I can’t wait to see how Molly Shields pushes my thinking about these ideas that we’re playing with. I appreciate all of you, and the experimenting that we’re engaging in together.

On the research front, I wanted to let you all know that we’ve already put in a proposal to NCTE for the upcoming conference to share the work here on #WALKMYWORLD. We definitely have much more planned in terms on bringing this project into other contexts. We also have a collection of “rock star” researchers that are putting together a proposal for this work for the upcoming Literacy Researchers Conference. We’re serious about engaging with others in online, collaborative learning spaces. We’re also serious about literacy research and sharing this information and ideas with our colleagues in the field. We’ll be sure to share our findings and thoughts with others openly online.

In terms of what we’re excited about, and intrigued by recently…check this out. Created by Martin Hawksey, and populated by Greg McVerry, this spreadsheet gives some incredible documentation of the sharing that we’re engaging in. If you click on the “archive”, “summary”, and “dashboard” tabs on the bottom you can get a glimpse at the health and vigor of our discussions. I think it is fascinating to keep an eye on this data as we share and communicate online.

Once again, thank you for everything. Keep up the great work.


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