<span class='p-name'>Digitally Literate 003 – Teaching, Learning, and Existing Open and Online</span>

Digitally Literate 003 – Teaching, Learning, and Existing Open and Online

Yesterday we held the third episode of Digitally Literate. The show is a monthly, hour-long netcast that  we produce using a Google Hangout-on-Air. The Digitally Literate show focuses on “meta-level” issues associated with literacy, education, and (sometimes) technology. The goal is to produce a discussion forum in which a panel of experts discuss challenges and opportunities that exist in these intersections within teaching and learning. In this dialogue we try to provide some context for educators and students.

Teaching, Learning, and Existing Open and Online

This episode has been a long time coming. In many of the posts on this blog I have been urging educators to create and curate their online brand. I wanted to take some time to speak with “real” educators to see how this worked in the “real” world. To that end, I asked three of our students in the IT&DML Program to come on the show and have some frank discussion about what this actually means. I was joined by Catherine Bosco-Walker, Gail Dandelske, and Joseph DePalma. We were joined by Susanne Murphy, a colleague of mine from UNH. Truth be told, most of the impetus behind the Digitally Literate show is from the thick, rich discussion that Susanne and I have on these topics. I wanted to see what would happen if we brought these discussions online.

The video for the show, and the audio is available below. The guests were open and honest in the decisions that they need to make as they begin teaching, learning, and sharing openly online. I look forward to continuing the discussion with them throughout their career.


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