<span class='p-name'>Request for Comments on the Web Literacy Map (Version 1.5) Skills</span>

Request for Comments on the Web Literacy Map (Version 1.5) Skills

TL;DR Version: This is a request for public comment on the competencies and skills associated with version 1.5 of the web literacy map. You can leave any & all comments on this Google Spreadsheet. Please feel free to spread far and wide.

Over the past two years we’ve been busy hacking away at the web literacy map. Please review Doug Belshaw’s post documenting the history of these changes, specifically the graphics we’ve used to represent these iterations over time.

As we develop the web literacy map, it’s been a challenge to creative a set of competencies and skills that are representative of being web literate, yet also flexible for what the future warrants. It’s also important to consider what effect these skills and competencies will have in the larger community.

Bryan Mathers put together a great image that unpacks how this work might play out in our literate lives.



We sometimes concern ourselves with the overarching strands, the graphics used to represent this work, and the infrastructure behind the editing & revision of the web literacy map. In my mind, the real power of the map is found in the individual competencies and skills.

In the last web literacy community call, Doug unleashed a beast of a spreadsheet that contains all of the competencies and skills included in version 1.5 of the web literacy map.

The spreadsheet gives you permission to comment on any part of the web literacy map. To that end, we’re interested in a couple of questions:

  • Are there any skills or competencies missing?
  • Is the language used unclear, or not easily understood by all learners?
  • Are the competencies and skills logically clustered around one another?

Please feel free to comment as you see fit on the spreadsheet. Please feel free to respond to the comments and questions from others. There are no silly comments, questions, or answers. Thanks again for your support in this initiative.



Image CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 pierofix

Image in text CC BY-ND 2.0 Bryan Mathers

2 Comments Request for Comments on the Web Literacy Map (Version 1.5) Skills

  1. DeNel Rehberg Sedo

    This is a fantastic initiative. Thank you! I will be teaching a graduate level digital media literacy course this summer to primary and secondary teachers, and am hopeful that we can add comments as coursework. Will you still be seeking feedback then? The course runs in July.

    1. wiobyrne

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. We’re always looking for feedback. 🙂

      We’ll constantly iterate on the web lit map. Before, during, and after your course…please blog about the experience and share with #webliteracy on Twitter. Also, feel free to reach out and come share your experiences with us on a community call.

      Thanks again.


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