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Global Youth in the Digital Age

This morning I’ll have the opportunity to address educators at the 2013 PIER Summer Institute at Yale University. The theme of this year’s Institute is Global Youth in the Digital Age. One of the key components in the materials and threads I’ve seen coming out of the Institute includes an understanding of the term “engagement.” I… Continue reading

Working Individually & Collaboratively While Constructing Online Content #teachtheweb

TL;DR version: What are the attitudes and aptitudes used by “experts” as we collaborate while “making” content online? How can this understanding of these knowledge, skills, and dispositions be used to inform pedagogy when we have students write, “make”, or collaboratively construct online content? To be involved in this work, please click here. This week… Continue reading

Empowering Students in the Reader/Writer Nature of the Web #teachtheweb

TL;DR version: By employing a critical literacy perspective to “making” and Connected Learning, teachers and students can engage in activism & cyberactivism for the purposes of understanding and critiquing societal issues. In the second week of the Mozilla #teachtheweb MOOC we have been asked to consider Connected Learning in practice. The three principles of Connected Learning state… Continue reading