<span class='p-name'>Value In Finishing</span>

There is no value in anything until it is finished.

Genghis Khan

Over the weekend I took all of Saturday and changed the brakes on both vehicles. In this process, I was dreading, absolutely dreading having to get both cars done at once. I knew that both cars needed it. The wife’s truck was making this weird noise as you would drive slowly. My truck started squeaking again as I would slow up.

I knew how to complete the job. I’ve done it many times, but it’s the process and long time it’ll take to get it done.

While working on this, I was listening to the series on Genghis Khan on Hardcore History. I knew I had a couple of hours to kill and this was the perfect opportunity.

I found it fascinating the leadership and brutality of Genghis and the value system that was primarily defined by the area in which he was raised.

In looking for quote and aphorisms by Genghis, I was struck by this one in particular. In my “one side project” and other activities, I’m frequently busy and sidetracked as assignments take my focus away. In the end, especially when working with technology…there is no real value in talking about, or time spent worrying, etc. on something…until it’s done.

I hate it when people say they’ll do something, but fail to complete. Talk is cheap, and if you say you’ll do something…do it. I understand the hard part is just saying no.

Time spent worrying about the brakes, now seems silly as it’s done. Time spent planning, and kvetching about the business plan, or model is pointless…if it’s not completed. It’s better just to get it done…and then reflect and iterate.

Get it done. Finish.

Photo by Anton Shuvalov on Unsplash

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