<span class='p-name'>What’s on the other side of failure? Nothing</span>

What’s on the other side of failure? Nothing

The notes are under your fingers, you just need to learn how to play them.

Jamie Foxx

This morning I was thinking about a quote from a Tim Ferriss interview with Jamie Foxx.

The quote from the top is something that Jamie remembers from when he first met and worked with Ray Charles. They were talking about playing jazz music and missing a note while playing on the piano. The lesson is that you’re already prepared and ready to do what it is you need to do in your life. The trick is preparing yourself and believing in yourself to get it done.

Another quote that came up in the podcast was Jamie saying that he tries to instill in his children a sense of fearlessness in order to empower them to believe that they can achieve. He commented that he daily says to them the following:

“What’s on the other side of failure? Nothing.”

Many times the only thing stopping us, or holding us back is self-doubt, and a lack of belief in our abilities. We think that someone else will tell us we’re wrong, stupid, or not want to read what we have to share. The truth many times is that there is nothing on the other side of failure.

If someone yells out across a room and threatens you, or you’re afraid to start up blogging, attend a class, or whatever that metaphorical tree branch is that’s out there waiting for you to jump and grab it…there’s nothing on the other side of that fear.

You might experience fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of ridicule. Regardless of the name, once we really unpack it…or better yet just try and make it happen…there’s nothing on the other side of that fear.

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