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Social Scholars: Educators’ Digital Identity Construction in Social & Connected Online Learning Environments

We have continued to unpack data from the first round of the #WalkMyWorld project. This blog post shares materials from research I conducted with Julie Wise that examined pre-service and veteran educators and their experiences in the project. We also submitted the paper presented at LRA to Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice. It was published in… Continue reading

Digitally Literate 003 – Teaching, Learning, and Existing Open and Online

Yesterday we held the third episode of Digitally Literate. The show is a monthly, hour-long netcast that  we produce using a Google Hangout-on-Air. The Digitally Literate show focuses on “meta-level” issues associated with literacy, education, and (sometimes) technology. The goal is to produce a discussion forum in which a panel of experts discuss challenges and… Continue reading

I Blog…therefore I am…

As we search and sift while reading online we’re confronted by an endless torrent of text, hypertext, and multimodal content. As technology progresses, this information source ebbs and flows, but for the most part we’re witnessing the evolution of what will become a steady stream of content that we use to read, write, and communicate…. Continue reading