<span class='p-name'>Student Privacy and Pandemics: Understanding and Reducing Privacy and Security Risks</span>

Student Privacy and Pandemics: Understanding and Reducing Privacy and Security Risks

I’m presenting several times at TLTCon 2022 later in May. As part of the conference, they’re having some “live” or synchronous sessions where participants and presenters can interact. One of my sessions was accepted and identified as a virtual, or asynchronous session. This means that I put all of my materials together and make them available for consumption at the please of the participant.

In this post, I’ll share some of my materials and thoughts about the virtual session.


This session will briefly review data security and privacy protection regimes as they apply to institutions of higher education. Data security involves everything you need to know and do to secure the data you have and produce. Data privacy is framed by policies that may be handled by an institution’s legal or compliance office to ensure that people are aware of the laws and risks associated with the handling and dissemination of personal data. Data can be a powerful tool for parents, educators, students, and administrators. This includes not only student data, but also employee, alumni, donor, and vendor information.
The session will discuss the different types of student data, how that data is used, and the key policies, practices, and procedures that schools and districts should implement to create a culture of privacy. I outline some potential best practices to establish trust and promote transparency. Tips will be shared for talking with students about privacy including the new challenges posed by online learning.

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Video Recording


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