<span class='p-name'>Seeking Feedback: Questions to Critically Examine Our Technology Use</span>

Seeking Feedback: Questions to Critically Examine Our Technology Use

The principles of minimal computing encourage us to carefully consider our technology choices and usage. Minimal computing advocates doing the most with the least, prioritizing sustainability, equity, and empowerment.

To put these principles into practice, I’ve drafted some questions to critically examine our own technology use. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on these questions from the community!

Please review the questions below and share your thoughts in the comments. Are they clear? Do they cover the right issues? What’s missing? What would you add or change?

Here are the draft questions:

  • What core needs am I fulfilling with this technology? Are simpler options available?
  • What infrastructure and resources do I already have access to? How can I better leverage them?
  • What are my priorities and constraints with this technology? How do they shape my choices?
  • What functionalities or features am I willing to give up for efficiency, practicality, or ethics?
  • How much control do I have over customizing this technology?
  • How does this technology increase or mitigate reliance on corporate systems?
  • Could this technology usage be more environmentally sustainable? What alternatives exist?
  • How could this technology be made more equitable and accessible?
  • Am I questioning the rhetoric and necessity of this technology?
  • How does this technology shape my identity and social relationships?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these draft questions. With your feedback, I hope we can refine them into a useful set of prompts to guide mindful, critical technology use. What have I overlooked? What should be clarified or cut? Please share any and all suggestions in the comments below!

Photo by Randall Bruder on Unsplash

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