<span class='p-name'>Request for Comments & Feedback on Web Literacy Version 2.0</span>

Request for Comments & Feedback on Web Literacy Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of the Web Literacy initiative was released this past week at MozFest. To learn more about how we got to two…please review this post and watch the video embedded below. In this work I share an overview of the work we conducted over the past two to three years to get to this point, and where we left off with Version 1.5.

Provide feedback on Version 2.0

Numerous changes have occurred since we left Version 1.5. In the coming months I hope to continue to massage these literacies and document development. For now, please take a look at the public EtherPad that was shared at MozFest. On the EtherPad you can share contextual and demographic information about yourself..and how you’d use these skills and competencies.

I also recommend clicking here to go directly to the Google Doc provided to share out the concept paper that shares this work. Please review and leave any/all comments.

It is an open-source project, meaning that it can be sustained and forked without the permission of the owner. In practice, this provides reassurance to educators: so long as enough people are contributing to the project, it does not require any one organization or person to be sustainable. We ultimately get the web we build and with your help this web will be open and free.


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