<span class='p-name'>Digitally Literate 001 – Reflection</span>

Digitally Literate 001 – Reflection

Yesterday we successfully held our first instance of the Digitally Literate show. Show 001 focused on what it means to be digitally literate, or as indicated in the video…what are the literacies necessary to successfully negotiate these online spaces.

I was joined by a couple of my esteemed colleagues on the show. I was joined by Janet Laane Effron from the Four Rivers Group,  Amy Hutchinson from Iowa State, Michael Manderino from Northern Illinois University, and Susanne Murphy from UNH. The content and organization of the first episode is all captured here in my earlier post before the show.

One of the funny/key moments of the show happened right before we started taping. I like to bring people in to a Hangout-on-Air about 15 minutes ahead of time to get everyone acquainted, situated, etc. As we were about to go live, Susanne started sharing a recent NY Times piece she read titled “Slaves of the Internet, Unite!” I clicked the broadcast button while asking her exactly what she was referencing. As we started to broadcast I recognized the fact that our first episode starts with the line – “Slaves of the Internet unite” from Susanne. This is one of those priceless moments that I think/hope will persist over the life of the show.

Please feel free to watch the first episode of Digitally Literate below. Please leave comments below, or share with interested colleagues.


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