<span class='p-name'>Digitally Literate (DL) Episode 005 – Tenure and Open, Public Academics</span>

Digitally Literate (DL) Episode 005 – Tenure and Open, Public Academics

This week we held the fifth episode of Digitally Literate. The show is a “monthly”, hour-long netcast that we produce using a Google Hangout-on-Air. The Digitally Literate show focuses on “meta-level” issues associated with literacy, education, and (sometimes) technology. The goal is to produce a discussion forum in which a panel of experts discuss challenges and opportunities that exist in these intersections within teaching and learning. In this dialogue we try to provide some context for smart and savvy educators and students.

Writing, Publishing, and Thinking Openly in Academia

This episode examines the opportunities and challenges that exist as we write, publish, and “think” openly online as a public academic. In this episode we discuss possibilities that exist for disrupting, and promoting a public and scholarly online space. We were joined by Gideon Burton, Sean Morris, Nate Otto, and Jesse Stommel.

The video for this episode is embedded below. The show notes for this episode are available by clicking here.

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