<span class='p-name'>Four Questions for Don Wettrick About Teaching, Learning, & Sharing Openly Online</span>

Four Questions for Don Wettrick About Teaching, Learning, & Sharing Openly Online

Our column on teaching, learning, and sharing openly online was just published in JAAL. I co-wrote the column with Verena Roberts, Randy LaBonte, and Lee Graham. In this case we share the challenges and opportunities associated with open, open educational resources, and open learning.

As a supplement to the column, we invited in a series of experts to spend some time discussing the broader impact of the details presented. The end result is a series of short video segments of the experts responding to a set of four questions about our column. You can review the video below. At the bottom of this post I share the questions and supplemental materials from the discussion.

Four Questions for Don Wettrick

Don Wettrick is a father, educator, author, speaker, and innovator in the classroom. He is the innovation specialist at Noblesville High School outside of Indianapolis, IN. You can review his blog here. Click here to buy Don’s book, Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level.

Subscribe to the Noblesville High School YouTube channel here. The news report Don spoke about is here.

  1. How do you define “open” and how does this affect teaching and learning in the classroom?
  2. As an educator that is open, what does this look like in your classroom, for your students. What does an average day look like?
  3. As an educator in the open…what does an average day look like online for you in your PLNs? What do you do outside of school? What are your interactions like?
  4. What challenges and opportunities do you have from these experiences?



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