<span class='p-name'>Four Questions for Doug Belshaw about the Web Literacy Map</span>

Four Questions for Doug Belshaw about the Web Literacy Map

Our column on Guiding Students as They Explore, Build, and Connect Online was just published in JAAL. I co-wrote the column with Greg McVerry and Doug Belshaw.

As a supplement to the column, we invited a series of experts to spend some time discussing the broader impact of the details presented. The end result is a series of short video segments of the experts responding to a set of four questions about the column. You can review the video interview and four questions used at the bottom of this post.

Four Questions for Doug Belshaw

Doug is an “open educational thinkerer.” You can review his work at his blog, or his Literacies blog. Finally, check him out at Dynamic Skillset and hire him to bring you into the digital world.

1. Why did you (and Mozilla) these web literacies and the map?

2. What did you learn in the process as you and the community developed the map?

3. What does it take to make these web literacies impact student instruction in the classroom?

4. What is missing from the web lit map?

5. How do these web literacies relate to other theories or standards that exist in education?



Cover image creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared byLeo Reynolds

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