<span class='p-name'>Negotiating The Intersection of Literacy and Technology</span>

Negotiating The Intersection of Literacy and Technology

I have the privilege of speaking to a class of teachers from Argentina tomorrow about possible effective and authentic uses of technology in the classroom. I was invited in by Carolina Orgnero who taught me my first class on qualitative research and methods while at UConn.

I’ll be sharing some ideas I’ve fleshed out over the years with my colleague Greg McVerry, and the Online Research and Media Skills  curriculum. We’ll be using Google Hangouts to host and record this “guest lecture” and hopefully everything works out…and my Internet connection behaves.

I’ve embedded the PPT for our session on this page to make it easier to follow.

I’ve also created a screencast of the talk created in advance…just in case something goes wrong.

A video capture of the follow-up discussion I had with Carolina’s class.

How would you envision the goals established in the ORMS model working in your classroom?


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