<span class='p-name'>Philosophy and Pedagogy Statement Task for My Comprehensive Exams</span>

Philosophy and Pedagogy Statement Task for My Comprehensive Exams

My task for the Statement of Philosophy and Pedagogy portion of the Comprehensive Exams is included below. I have embedded my response at the bottom.

During completion of your coursework, you have encountered many theorists and scholars who have espoused tenets of thinking, teaching and learning. In 8, double-pages or fewer (Compliant with APA guideline; references, tables, figures are not included in 8 pages), present a statement of philosophy and pedagogy that describes three of your tenets regarding “best cognition and instruction practices.” Of course, it may be obvious that teaching and learning positions complement one another. As you present these points of view, refer to at least one philosopher, psychologist or educational psychologist who would express opposing views to yours. Emphasize at least one major difference between your views and those of the opposing ones. With respect to this difference, argue why you think your view is better of the enhancement of thinking, teaching and/or learning.

Then as you begin to close your statement, we ask that you think about the future given your philosophical views. Be visionary. List one good and one bad thing that you think likely to happen to education in the next 25 years. How might your philosophy or associated practices help us realize this “good thing” or avoid/overcome the “bad thing” that you envision for us?

Your response will be evaluated for:

a) your ability to state your philosophical views clearly
b) your accurate reference and description of the viewpoints/works of others
c) the overall cohesion and semantic clarity of the full response including accurate use of APA style
d) your ability to hypothesize about the impact of your philosophical views for the future


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